Welcome Pipers! Let’s Take Flight!

Well, Pipers, the Journey starts here.  Actually it started a long time ago but as I’m sure you know, the best things in life don’t always come easily or quickly.  Sometimes we don’t even realize what path we’re on, or that we may be traveling

Where to start?

on the wrong path until we are so far along that self-doubt or outside influences tell us that there is no turning back. I’m here to tell you that that is NOT the case.  Sure, it took planning and pushing myself past fear and doubt but I think we all have a moment where we know, deep in our heart that what is really most important is love.  Loving others, loving yourself and loving how you spend your time.  Do I need to make a living? You bet I do!  I have a mortgage, I have regular bills, utilities – which are more demanding in the Winter 😦 – and of course there are the nice to haves.  I have children and pets and all of the same day to day responsibilities that many of you deal with.  So, how did I get here?  Well, I’m still in debt, if that makes you feel better, but I’ve learned to cut back.  I slowly acquired the tools I needed to do this and in between, I learned from others!  I’ve watched too many YouTube videos to count, watch for sales and snatched up Udemy classes and paid attention to other designers.  I read blogs, watched their tutorials and then something was really worth it, saved my pennies for more intensive training.  What surprised me most about getting to this point was everything that was involved in ‘going live’ on a website.  Hours, days, weeks, months!  Sometimes I went down that wrong path again, working too hard and too long on something that shouldn’t have been part of my focus because I didn’t have a mentor or guidebook on what steps to take, and sometimes, more importantly, in what order!  I’m happy to share all of my mistakes with you.  I think that we are all part of several different communities, work, family, interests shared with others, with our neighbors – local, national, and global, etc.  A community isn’t a group who competes with their fellow members, they support each other.  My products are different that yours, yours will be different that those of another designers, and so on, and so on. For all of us, there exponentially more interested customers.  I don’t have anything to gain in focusing on my competition but everything to gain in sharing what I know to help raise others up.  So, that brings us to where we both are right now. This blog will allow you to share my journey but it can also give you specific tips and guidance on what worked for me and (more often than not) what didn’t!  It will cover at least three different areas to start (more may be added as things evolve) – my work and experiences in design, the trials and tribulations I go through in building and running a eCommerce website (to include what I’ve learned (the hard way), including, how to build a site and how to connect all of the moving pieces, and my ventures into building a brand and getting my products and services out to third party vendors.  I already have 3 years worth of blog posts swimming around in my head so please be patient and I will get everything out there. Design Tutorials won’t really be covered in a blog but I will post step-by-steps and videos on my Tutorials page, so feel free to wander over their at your leisure!  If you can’t wait, and have a specific question that can’t be found using ‘Search’, please feel free to drop me a line and I will get right back to you – after all, we are a community!  Love and Happy Designing to All, Wendy