What Will You Design Today?

Each day we are given the opportunity to reinvent ourselves.  Sometimes it is in very little ways, sometimes the actions we take can change our path.

Maybe you are already a professional designer, maybe it’s something you are working toward or maybe it’s just an idea that is always there in the back of your mind, a dream you think is long past.  It’s not, you are already a designer and whether or not you realize it, it shows.  In the little things you do each day, in the ways you brighten your home and the lives of your family and in the choices you make.

Maybe you scrapbook, make decorative cards for special occasions, think through color choices in decorating your home, sometimes, it can be as seemingly insignificant as cutting your child’s sandwich into the shape of a dinosaur or leaving a note to make someone’s day.  I have something to tell you. You are already a designer and often it doesn’t seem like we have enough time in our day or that taking time for ourselves seems like an unattainable luxury. But I am here to tell you it’s not. And what you do IS important and taking time to feed that creativity is important, not only for you but those around you!  Take a second to breath and look around, imagine how you can make your mark – and then MAKE IT HAPPEN!

This doesn’t have to be your full time job, believe me, I spent years putting responsibility ahead of design.  Then I realized that I felt like I lost sight of me.  Your outlet may be a large part of your time or it can show in the little things you do, but know that what you do is noticed and appreciated and it’s your little touches that show others how much you care!


Much Love, and Happy Designing,    Wendy


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